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 +====== The Gifted Adult ======
 +sous-titre : A revolutionary guide for liberating everyday genius
 +FIXME Cette page est une ébauche
 +===== Présentation =====
 +== Quatrième page de couverture ==
 +"Are you relentlessly curious and creative, always willing to rock the boat in order to get things done... extremely energetic and focused, yet constantly switching gears... intensely sensitive, able to intuit subtly charged situations and decypher others' feelings?
 +In these traits sound familiar, then you may be an Everyday Genius -- an ordinary person of unusual vision who breaks the mold and isn't affraid to push progress forward..."
 +As thought-provoking as Daniel Goleman's //Emotional Intelligence//, psychologist Mary-Elaine Jacobsen's //The Gifted Adult// draws on a wide range of groundbreaking research and her own clinical experience to show America's twenty million gifted adults how to identify and free their extraordinary potential. Jacobsen presents the first practical tool for rating your Evolutionary Intelligence through an in-depth personality-type profile. Parents and teachers of the gifted will also discover vital information in this extraordinary book. For nothing about the characteristics and needs of gifted children can be thruly understood until it is viewed within the context of the emerging gifted adult. Demystifying what it means to be an "everyday genius", this book offers practical guidance for eliminating self-sabotage and underachievement, helping gifted adults and those who know, love and work with them to understand and support the exceptional gifts inherent in these unique personality traits.
 +===== Sommaire =====
 +1. Beyond Giftedness: Everyday Genius Defined
 +Giftedness Denied\\
 +The Gifted Adult\\
 +The Source of Giftedness\\
 +The Concept of Giftedness Expanded\\
 +The Five Facets of Freedom\\
 +2. Gifted? Not Me               
 +We Love Your Unique Products. Just Stop Being So Different!\\
 +Gifted? Not Me: Unidentified Everyday Genius\\
 +Telltale Signs of Everyday Genius\\
 +Facing the Truth about Ourselves\\
 +Why Must I Know This about Myself?\\
 +How Can I Know This about Myself\\
 +Misconceptions about Giftedness\\
 +3. The Everyday Genius: Lost and Found
 +The Ugly Duckling\\
 +When a Duck is Not a Duck\\
 +Seeing the Swan of Everyday Genius\\
 +The Everyday Genius Brought to Light\\
 +The Ugly Duckling Syndrome\\
 +Know Thyself or Lose Thyself\\
 +How Did the Swan Get Lost?\\
 +4. Lost In The IQ Game
 +What's Smart and What Is Not?\\
 +What is IQ, Really?\\
 +Beyond Outdated IQ\\
 +The Unexpected Gifted Adult\\
 +Mistaken Identities by the Millions\\
 +The Everyday Genius Next Door\\
 +5. Standing What You "Know" on Its Head
 +The Everyday Genius Mind: The Same //and// Different\\
 +How "Different" Becomes "Wrong"\\
 +Gifted Needs\\
 +The Destiny Question: Disown or Deliver?\\
 +Are There Others Like Me? And Are They Normal?\\
 +Rebel, Nerd, or Marvel?\\
 +Reframing Genius\\
 +6. Evolutionary Intelligence: The Next Step
 +Retesting the Waters of Intelligence\\
 +What's Evolution Got to Do with It?\\
 +The EvI Formula\\
 +7. The Evolutionary Intelligence Profile
 +About the EvI Profile\\
 +What the EvI Score Tells You\\
 +Exploring Your EvIQ Score\\
 +Evolutionary Intelligence in Real Life\\
 +It Only Looks Revolutionary After the Fact\\
 +8. Gifted or Cursed?
 +Correcting the "Too-Too" Misdiagnosis\\
 +Déjà vu\\
 +Gifted or Cursed? My Own Beginnings\\
 +Five Basic Truths About Giftedness\\
 +A Bittersweet Experience\\
 +The Essentials of Self-Discovery\\
 +The Real Enemy -- Fitting In\\
 +The Ten Criticisms\\
 +9. Confronting the First Five Criticisms
 +Rewriting Personal History\\
 +Criticism #10: "Why Don't You Slow Down?"\\
 +Criticism #9: "You Worry About Everything!"\\
 +Criticism #8: "Can't You Just Stick with One Thing?"\\
 +Criticism #7: "You're So Sensitive and Dramatic!"\\
 +Criticism #6: "You Have to Do Everything the Hard Way."\\
 +10. Getting Free from the Top Five Criticisms
 +Criticism #5: "You're So Demanding!"\\
 +Criticism #4: "Can't You Ever be Satisfied?"\\
 +Criticism #3: "You're So Driven!"\\
 +Criticism #2: "Where Do You Get Those Wild Ideas?"\\
 +Criticism #1: "Who Do You Think You Are?"\\
 +11. Meeting the False Self
 +Meeting the False Self\\
 +Five Blocks That Enslave the Self and Eclipse the Soul\\
 +Indulging the False Self\\
 +Denying Gifts and Talents\\
 +Getting Over Giftedness Guilt\\
 +The "Safe Life"\\
 +Making Friends with Risk\\
 +Seeking Approval\\
 +Breaking the Approval-Seeking Habit\\
 +Unlearning Impostorism\\
 +12. How Assets Can Become Liabilities
 +The Shadow Side of Everyday Genius: Disorderly Conduct\\
 +Wounds and Reactions\\
 +Looking Back to Move Forward\\
 +Everyday Genius -- The Second Time Around\\
 +The "Teachable Moment"\\
 +The Reactivity Pendulum\\
 +The Unbecoming Extremes\\
 +13. The Big Three Differences: Intensity, Complexity, and Drive
 +Managing the Flow: No Trickles, No Torrents\\
 +Charting an Evolutionary Course\\
 +Intensity: Quantitatively Different\\
 +Complexity: Qualitatively Different\\
 +Drive: Motivationally Different\\
 +14. Self-Mastery: Managing Intensity, Complexity, and Drive
 +The Drive to Perfect Versus Perfectionism\\
 +Ending the Perfectionism/Procrastination Seesaw: Ready, Set, Go!\\
 +Managing Feeling\\
 +Impulse Management\\
 +Reviving Your Natural Optimism\\
 +Smarter than Ever: Becoming Superconscious\\
 +From Stress Tolerance to Stress Management\\
 +The Life Balance Plan\\
 +Five Strokes of Genius for Being Successfully Different\\
 +15. The Everyday Genius in Relationships
 +Not Phony and Not Lonely\\
 +The Everyday Genius in Love\\
 +Partner with the Person, Not the Potential\\
 +The Acquiesce/Accuse Pendulum\\
 +Listening for Love\\
 +Reflective Listening\\
 +Assertive Instead of Demanding\\
 +The Selfishness That Enhances Intimacy\\
 +Real Relating\\
 +Relationships in the Workplace: Working Together, Preserving Individuality\\
 +16. Self-Liberation
 +Evolutionary Moments: A Preview of Life's Coming Attractions\\
 +The Catalyzing Evolutionary Moment\\
 +True-Life Evolutionary Moments\\
 +The Rewards of Genius\\
 +Declaring a Personal Mission\\
 +Beyond I-ness\\
 +Ten Signs of Advanced Development\\
 +Reconciling the Nine Dilemmas\\
 +True Genius\\
 +===== Analyse et commentaire =====
 +===== Citations =====
 +===== Annexes =====
 +==== Référence bibliographique ====
 +Mary-Elaine Jacobsen, <html><a href="http://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/0345434927/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=wiqzebcro-21&linkCode=as2&camp=1642&creative=19458&creativeASIN=0345434927"><i>The Gifted Adult: A Revolutionary Guide for Liberating Everyday Genius</i></a><img src="http://www.assoc-amazon.fr/e/ir?t=&l=as2&o=8&a=0345434927" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" /></html>, Ballantine books, 1999, 399p (en anglais)
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 +  * [[zcf>t1700-the-gifted-adult-a-revolutionary-guide-for-liberating-everyday-genius|The Gifted Adult : A Revolutionary Guide for Liberating Everyday Genius]]
 +==== Notes et références ====
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